Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The beach

Twisted house

Now I have returned back to Finland from my travel. Two last days of my trip I slept in Gdansk which is city in the northern coast of Poland. Also in Gdansk I got a place to sleep therefor I did not have sleep in a hostel or hotel during my stay in Poland. I am really grateful for everyone who took my to their place to sleep. Travelling is very nice when you know a friend in whose place you can stay.

I had bad luck with the weather in Gdansk. It was raining a lot and therefore sightseeing was not that enjoyable. I saw the landscape of Gdansk, old town, Sopot and the beach. In Gdansk I got a chance to enjoy a great home theater just like what you can see in Music televisions celebrity cribs program. I realized that in Poland everyone has two locks in their door. In Finland two locks is not that common.

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