Sunday, January 24, 2010


Plaza Cervantes in the Sunday evening

Sunday is the most popular day to go eat dinner to the restaurant in Spain and restaurants put more expensive prices. Dinner is eaten around ten o'clock. Road to the cars around the marketplace is closed every Sunday to give people more space for walking. My tradition on the weekends have been watching match of Real Madrid in a local bar with friends.

Yesterday we had a match against Leganes and we lost the match 3-0. Now half of the matches are played. Statistics of our team are four wins, one tie and three loses. We are aiming to the playoffs where the four best teams will survive.


  1. oopps! I totally forget to ask you about your match :( sorry that you lost..

  2. Real Sucks! :P

    gritz from Poland Juho!


  3. Nice to hear something about you... I wonder are you coming back