Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New flat

Room upstairs

Living room

Yesterday I moved to a new flat in the center of Alcalá. This flat is newer and more modern than the previous one. Strange feeling to be here because it does not feel like home yet but I expect to settle down soon. Because my flatmate found me a replacement to the previous flat it was possible to move in the middle of the month. Rent of the new flat is 300 euros + electricity and water. New landlord wants the rent to be paid with cash like the previous one. I do not have at the moment flatmates but there is one room available for someone.


  1. You should make a party. Your friends want to visit you and it's the better excuse =P

  2. si, estoy de acuerdo con jesus, tienes que hacer una fiesta o cena despues de los exámenes hehe....(bonita casa, por cierto ;) )

  3. I really think your new flat is nicer :) and it is on the centre of alcala , love the viewss!! :) I could spent like hours watching through the window
    and with your microwave I guess It will be easier to cook when you are lazy :)