Sunday, January 17, 2010


I heard a story that Spanish had commented to some Italian that: "I feel so sorry for you because you are an Italian". "Why?" asked Italian. "Because in Italy you cannot smoke inside the bar, it must be horrible." Answered Spanish. It is very common that people smoke also at home. In Spain it is allowed to smoke inside the bars and there is not different section for smokers. This means that you have to smoke passively and your clothes will smell smoke afterwards. Entering discos in Alcalá is free but if you go to Madrid you have to pay 15 euros to enter discos.


  1. Smoking in bars is allowed only if the bar is smaller than 100m2 or if the owner wants. If the bar have more than 100m2 you can't smoke there or the bar must have a diferent section to do that.

  2. It is not so far the time when it was possible to smoke in bars and restaurants in Finland too.

    Greetings from Mom

  3. It used to be more smoke in bars a few years ago... now is much better, when I was a child I remember all the bars were full of smoke that´s why I didn´t like them.