Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Looking for a summer job

Now I have started to look for summer job. I have applied job in Sweden through Nordjobbare program and in Chile through organization called Cimo. In Davids opinion I could have good changes to get some work from international employers in Spain because of my high level of English compared to Spanish people. It would be very interesting to work abroad and I am ready to go work almost anywhere. Hopefully I can find work which is related to my business studies but also other kind of work can be useful.

After living one week alone I got a flatmate. My flatmate is Italian girl from Rome. Tomorrow I am flying to Luxembourg to participate multimedia seminar of my exchange program. All the travelling costs and so on are covered by the organizer. I am happy for being able to participate the seminar and being able to help in developing the exchange program.

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  1. Reading this day makes me sad! So I won´t read this day anymore. Hope you achieve all your aims, you deserve the best... :)