Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why traffic is unsafe in Tbilisi?

"Mushroom building" by the road
Traffic in Georgia is crazy and unsafe. In this post I will discuss some reason which makes traffic crazy and not safe in Tbilisi. There are vehicles in horrible condition in the traffic. Many cars have shattered front window, buffers missing, no seat belts and list goes on. Reason for the bad condition of the vehicles is that there is not yearly inspection for the vehicles which they need to pass. It means that you can drive with anything in the traffic as long as it moves. You see plenty of old Ladas and cars which have steering wheel on the right also, Pedestrians cross the road everywhere. Nobody searches a zebra road for crossing. When crossing on zebra road and cars are turning they do not give the way to pedestrians as in other European countries. One friend told me that he completed a driving license in Georgia by driving in a track few years ago but as the traffic in the city of Tbilisi is crazy he never dared to drive.

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