Monday, April 27, 2015

Is Georgia Safe?

Traffic in Tbilisi
I read an article of the top 10 safest countries in the world 2015. Georgia is on the place of 6th safest country in the world 2015. According to the article Georgia is safe because you can walk alone safely in the capital during the night time and crime rates are low. But I have witnessed the crazy driving in Georgia and therefore I do not consider it that safe. I decided to find some statistics about traffic accidents in Georgia and Finland.

The most recent statistics I found from both countries are from 2013. We can compare these countries well because the population of the both countries is around 5 millions. The number of road traffic accidents in Georgia is double compared to Finland. The number of fatal accidents in Georgia is also twice as big as in Finland. Though Finnish population has higher tendency to drive under intoxication. One reason could be that in Finland the taxi cues are very long in the weekend so getting a taxi is more difficult compared to Georgia. High number of road traffic accidents definitely decreases the safety of Georgia.

Finland Georgia
Total number of road traffic accidents 2741 5510
of which caused by intoxication 411 228
Persons injured 3677 8045
Persons killed 190 514

Table of road accidents in Finland and Georgia 2013


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