Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Style of Spanish males

Spanish men do not dress up better than Finnish men in my opinion even the Finnish men have the reputation of dressing very bad on the contrary of the fame of good looking Spanish men. Men tend to have their jeans lowered so you can see their underwear. Maybe it is also fashion in Finland now. Among Spanish men it is quite popular to wear (fake) diamond earrings. Shaping or having sideburns is also more popular in Spain. I could not have the sideburns because my beard is not thigh like the beard of Spanish men. You can also see a lot shaped hairline which leaves stubble and I do not like it. Unfortunately I have not taken photo of anyone who meets all the criteria I mentioned now.


  1. Quite the contrary: We ARE fortunate not to see any of these guys described above. :)

  2. Juho! generalazing is not a good idea. Most of my friends do not dress like that and guess what? they are spaniards ;)

  3. jajajaja... ¡Buenísimo! :-)