Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mobile phone

My mobile phone

I have not yet mentioned yet that I bought a new mobile phone even it was almost the first thing I bought when I arrived to Spain. It was not possible to get just a sim card and put it to the old phone therefore I bought a new mobile phone. It cost 20 Euros included with 10 euros money for use in the sim card. All companies sell prepaid subscriptions and more talk time can be loaded in many places for example in the supermarkets. Later on I have found out that there are also smaller companies which offer also just sim cards without obligation to buy a new mobile phone. Calls and text messages are more expensive in Spain than in Finalnd. One minute call costs the double price of one text message. In Finland one minute call is the same price as one text message. In Finland telecommunication companies send usually monthly bills which people pay in the Internet bank.

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