Thursday, April 8, 2010

Learning more Spanish

To improve my Spanish I Have said to my friends to point out my mistakes which I make. Especially I am trying to focus on pronunciation of 'Z' and 'C' for example in words like zapato and gracioso. I feel a bit annoyed when my mistakes are pointed out even I want them to be pointed out. I just have to get over it and not to get upset. When I write Spanish I forget the articles. Now I feel that I can follow the conversation between Spanish people better than before. I have still a lot to learn to master Spanish.


  1. Juho, you speak better than most of erasmus students and you have a huge vocabulary, so you can feel proud of yourself. And sorry about say your mistakes, we only do it when they are funny =P, without malice. I hope you will improve your spanish in these last months in Spain. In my opinion, you only need to speak more fluenty, even if you make more mistakes. All your spanish friends will work on you spanish ;)

  2. Juho. I think that your Spanish is really good, your mother tongue and spanish are so different. I am sure it must be really hard for you to rembember so many things: words, idioms and the use of prepositions... I have seen your progress in this months since we met till now, and it´s amazing! You are making your best and willing to learn spanish..., hanging out spanish people most of the time you are totally integrated here, probably you are one of the erasmus who have more spanish friends :). Chencho may be quite right you should try to speak more quickly, even if the result is making more mistakes.This way you will be able to say all the things you want to and do not keep them for you just because your turn has already passed...
    I totally grasp you... I feel kind of annoyed when people correct my English, but being corrected is good for us. Sorry if I make fun of your mistakes :P
    I am proud of you! you are doing a nice work learning spanish, keep like this.
    We will help you to master you Spanish. I mean it! ;)