Monday, March 15, 2010

Spanish house


In Spain people wear shoes inside the house and do not take them off right after coming inside like in Finland. Usually people change shoes for more comfortable sandals when they are at home. My current flat in Spain is heated with air conditioner and it did not heat up very well when it was very cold outside. Landlord said that the heater was not able to heat up very well because it was so cold. When you really needed the warm air the heater was not working properly. I hope that when the weather gets very hot it is able to cool down the air and it is not too hot for cooling down the air. Another difference you can see in the bathroom. In Spain bidet is a standard feature in bathroom but I have never seen a bidet in a Finnish bathroom. Instead of the bidet there is a bidet shower in Finnish bathrooms.

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  1. I have seen and even used bidet in Finland when I was student in Kuopio years ago.
    I lived with old woman in the flat which was in Vuorikatu 3 in Kuopio.

    from Mom