Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peñafiel and Valladolid

View from the castle

Chencho, Me, David and JoDan in Peñafiel

On Monday morning I went to Peñafiel with Chencho, David and JoDan. Region Castilla León is known of wine production and religious people. For example in the town of Peñafiel where is about five thousand habitants are four big churches and the Eastern ceremony in the town is televised to the whole Spain. We took a obligatory guided tour with three euros entrance to the castle in Peñafiel. Castle has a interesting form of a ship.

On Tuesday cousins of David showed us the city center of Valladolid and of course the football stadium. We took a look to a dead little town where you could see the ruins of old houses. In the evening we saw the first Eastern procession and more are coming up later on also in Alcalá.


  1. What a great (and cold) trip!!! =)

  2. Jodan... really guys should stop calling him like that...