Monday, March 22, 2010


North coast of Spain


This weekend we had match on Sunday in Gijon but we left from Madrid already on Friday to take a look of Oviedo and Gijon. Area is called Asturias and it is know of cider production. In Madrid pubs are called Cervería but in Asturias pubs are called sidrería. Cerveza means beer in Spanish and sidra means cider. Natural cider should be poured to the glass with high pressure therefore you take the bottle as far away as possible from the glass when you pour the cider. You should also always pour just the amount of the cider what you are able to drink with one gulp. I noticed that the nature is much more greener than in the central Spain. We won the match 2-15 and eight goals in the last period left good feeling from the match.

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  1. Are you sure that Oviedo is nicer than alcala?? :P . ok... it is greener because of the rain!! i´d rather not having so much greener and not so much rain...