Friday, May 15, 2015

Georgian wine

Small qvevris on the backgroung and buried qvevris in the ground
I did a few day trip to famous Georgian wine producing region Kakheti. There I went to a tour of one wine making company. Tour introduced me to Georgian wine making traditions which are 8000 years old and belongs to UNESCO intangible heritage list. Traditionally wine grapes were squashed with feet but now a days it is less used method. squashed grapes are stored in a qvevri which is used for fermentation. Qvevri is a large clay vessel buried below ground level. Traditionally in Europe wooden barrels are used for fermentation of wine. Qvevri wine is a natural product where additional ingredients are not added.

Tour included also tasting wines. You can notice Georgian white wine has stronger color than European white wines because entire grape with skins, bones etc is included in the fermentation and not removed. Before clay cups or horns were used for drinking wine but now wine glasses are used.

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