Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adventure in Lagodekhi

The bridge

The waterfall on the back
Near the border of Azerbaijan are protected natural areas of Lagodekhi. In Lagodekhi you have possibility to hike four different routes. 1. Lagodekhi waterfall which is five meters high and the hiking takes five hours. 2. Gurgeniani waterfall which is 15 meters high and the hiking takes five hours. 3. Macha castle which is a three hour walk. 4. Shavi klde Lake up on the mountains and hiking takes three days. End of May there is still snow so now the route is not open but it is expected to be open on July. Lagodekhi center rents needed equipment and horses.

I hiked to the Lagodekhi waterfall and it was an adventure. The route started with a path through green forest and a slight uphill all the way. There came a point where I had to cross to the other side of a river which comes from the waterfall. There was a narrow split tree laid down as a bridge (the photo above). The stream of the river was fast so it looked that it could take me if I fall there. The only option to continue was to balance to other side by walking on the tree. After crossing the forest became slightly more thick. I could see plants with leafs climbing on the trunks of high trees. Then came the part where I had to cross running water few times. I tried to find always narrowest part to cross but I had to remove my shoes for crossing to prevent them getting wet. There were many difficult parts to pass and without seeing the yellow route marks I would think that I am lost. After walking by the river the path goes zig zag up to a mountain wall and finally gets all the way down to the waterfall. Completing the route definitely felt like an adventure. The route had many impressive views but the waterfall itself was not that impressive.

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