Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Turkish in Turkish

In Turkey I was studying Turkish in Turkish. Everything from new words to grammar was explained in Turkish. Just sometimes teachers used some English as they knew very little English. Studying the language only in target language is different compared to studying a new language in some language what you already know. In Finland I had already studied English, Spanish and Swedish with help of native Finnish teacher who used also often Finnish when teaching us a foreign language. Grammar was taught always in Finnish. Especially in the beginning it was hard in the Turkish lesson because basically almost all the words were new but after a month it was already much easier to understand what the professor was explaining. I believe that as teacher was speaking only Turkish all the time listening skills were improving fast.

Now I have borrowed from a library Turkish books to continue studying Turkish. The books are Finnish so similarities between Turkish and Finnish are pointed out. Turkish taught in Finnish helps me to understand better sentence structures and grammar. I read through already the first book of two book series and most of it was already familiar to me. 

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