Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is it acceptable to smoke weed?

Water pipe
Culture and religion have an interesting effect how acceptable it is to consume certain products. It is interesting how the order of pig meat, alcohol, tobacco, water pipe and weed varies on a list how acceptable each product is. The lists are made based on the image what I got after living in Turkey, Spain and Finland. The lists are from the most acceptable to the least acceptable. Of course the order of the lists varies among different people in the country but these lists try give the general point of view of the country.

List of Finland
1. pig meat
2. alcohol
3. tobacco
4. water pipe
5. weed

List of Turkey
1. water pipe
2. tobacco
3. alcohol
4. weed
5. pig meat

List of Spain
1. pig meat
2. alcohol
3. water pipe
4. tobacco
5. weed

Lists of Finland and Spain are quite similar but there is a big difference compared to Turkey. Even weed is on the last place in the list of Finland and Spain still smoking weed is much more acceptable in Spain than in Finland. In Spain or in Turkey you can find many bars to smoke water pipe but in Finland there are no bars for smoking water pipe. In Finland people are not as familiar with water pipe as with tobacco therefore many might consider water pipe even as a drug. 

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  1. mmm this is interesting! Sad that is more acceptable smoking weed here...