Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turkish sauna

Turkish sauna in Turkey is called Hamam. We decided to find out how it is. We entered to a hamam and we were guided to a dressing room which reminded me of a hotel room because there were four beds. Dressed up in shorts we went to a big warm room where everything was marmor. In the middle was space for lying down for the treatment provided by hamam and around cabins for cleaning yourself. In the cabin you had a sink where you mixed nice water for yourself by using hot and cold tap water. After cleaning we were advised to go to a small hot room. Small hot room felt like Finnish sauna without throwing water.

Finally we were ready for the treatment of hamam. Hairy Turkish man with big belly peeled my skin with a glove designed for that. Peeling did not feel very comfortable but was not hurting either. Peeling took just few minutes. After peeling I could see clearly how my skin had been peeled off. Then I cleaned myself again with water and went back to get more treatment. Second treatment was that a man put soap on my body. Then he soaped my body by massaging me in the same time for few minutes.  Then I washed of the soap and I got wrapped in to towels. The cost of hamam was 11 euros.

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