Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ice hockey tournament in Erzurum

Ice rink in Erzurum
I am at the moment in Erzurum to play in the ice hockey tournament of universities in Turkey. There are seven men and women teams. In our team we are 9 players and a goalkeeper. We played our first match against team of Erzurum and lost 4 - 3. That was my first ice hockey match with full ice hockey equipment. As it was match of men tackles are allowed and I took four big hits and gave pass for one goal. We were defending the whole match on our half and trying to give our two best players chance to score. Basically we were playing the whole match with 5 players because there is a big difference in the skill level of the players. The best player of our team plays in the national team of Turkey and the worst player has started to learn skating one month ago.


  1. Have you been playing this year?? at least floorball or another type of hockey?? Well...kick their asses!

  2. No floorball this year. Only team sport has been this ice hockey tournament.

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