Sunday, November 13, 2011

Istanbul vs. Ankara


During the Bayram we did a five day trip to Istanbul. All the Turkish seem to love Istanbul and hate Ankara. One Turkish friend who lives in Ankara said that every time he visits Istanbul he loves it more. I have been asked several times that why did I choose Ankara and not Istanbul for my exchange destination because Istanbul would be much better place in their opinion.

Istanbul is a very touristic city and there is more things to see for tourists than in Ankara. There are not even double-decker buses in Ankara for tourists to take a sightseeing ride through Ankara like in many other big cities where I have been. In Istanbul traffic is worse as much more people is living there. Prices are higher in Istanbul and eating out is almost double price compared to Ankara. In Ankara you cannot see boards written in English in the street like in Istanbul. Ankara is colder than Istanbul and Ankara does not have a sea. You can find much more nightlife in Istanbul than in Ankara.

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