Friday, November 25, 2011

Döner kebab

Chicken döner kebab
Eating out in Turkey is cheaper than in Finland or in Spain so I have not been cooking much in Turkey. The cheapest option is chicken döner kebab what you can see in the picture and it costs 1,5 euros as in Finland I have to pay at least 5 euros. Beef döner kebab costs two times more than chicken döner kebab. They measure always 100 grams of meat to one kebab serving. Kebab serving includes salad, different vegetables depending on the place and serving can include also some french fries. Döner kebab means that is cut from the rolling piece of meat and I have not seen anybody using machine for cutting like in Finland. Kebab is also prepared in other way what is not döner kebab. The taste of beef kebab in Turkey is different than in Finland and Spain. In Finland we are also used to that kebab places sell also pizza but in Turkey all kebab places do not sell pizza.


  1. Ootko päässy lihomaan, jos syöt aina ulkona?

  2. Kebab on hyvää ravintoa. Toivon mukaan painonnousu näkyy enemmän käsivarsissa kuin mahassa.