Tuesday, October 4, 2011


With Beril in Istanbul

Bus of  Metro
On Sunday afternoon I arrived to Istanbul and my Turkish friend came to pick me up from the airport. Before going to Ankara we had some hours time to have look on Istanbul. We had a walk in the old town and tried some Turkish flavors. I had a only quick view on Istanbul so I have to return to see the city more.

In the midnight I had bus to Ankara. The journey took six hours from Istanbul to Ankara and it cost 16 euros. I had never been in such a luxury bus before. All the seats had private screen for watching TV, to use your USB-device or to use your cameras memory card. There were only 3 seats in row and plenty enough place for the legs. There was also a lady who offered drinks and snacks which were included to the bus ticket price.


  1. Oho. Söitkö itsesi kipeäksi onnikassa?

  2. Ei se sentään seisova pöytä ollu.