Sunday, August 21, 2011

Visitors from Finland

Palacio Real in the background
I got this weekend two visitors from Finland. My friends Janne and Jarno are making an interrail trip and they are now in the half way of their one month railing. The visit of the Pope during weekend have caused a lot of rush in the metro. We had to let two metros pass us in the metro station because we could not enter the full metro. After that we just decided to take another line which was not that crowdy. We went to the famous market Rastro in Madrid. I did not spot there any second hand products. There was just normal products what are always sold in any stand. Especially one guy had interesting selling methods. We stopped to his stand where was a big sign showing that he is selling scarfs for two euros. As we stopped and started to look and touch few scarves for a few minutes. The guy started to repeat two euros, two euros. He repeated that more than ten times and did not say anything else. Finally we walked away without buying anything from him.

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  1. Aa, good times. Broke my glasses thou...