Thursday, August 11, 2011

Basque country

The beach in Zarautz
During my trip to Basque country which is one region in the north of Spain I spotted the hair style in the picture above many times. The hairstyle is long rastas in the back of the head and short hair in the rest of the head. I have never seen that hairstyle in Finland. In basque it is typical that a group of friends have rented a place to make party. Both young and older people have these party places called lonja. In northern Spain instead of tapas they serve pinchos which were equally the same as tapas in my opinion but pinchos had a little stick. When we ordered hamburger there were a stick also.

One day we went to the beach where the waves are bigger than in the eastern or southern coast of Spain. We took advantage of these waves and decided with one friend to try surfing for the first time. Unfortunately waves were good only two hours so we could not surf more.

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