Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top posts

Last photo with Cervantes

This is the last post of year 2010. I have picked five posts which I like and are worth reading from all my previous posts.

1. Exchange report is a summary of my exchange year in Spain and gives overview of it
2. I made a post how to get started with your exchange year. I hope that this post encourages people to learn a new language.
3. In my opinion Finnish people do not show their feelings as openly as Spanish. This post explains how I see it.
4. My father said that I should not have even published this post but I think that it is funny.
5. Here you can see the video of my team UHK Madrid playing in the floorball final.

I picked just five even I could have picked more but I have to draw line somewhere. It would be nice to hear which are your favorite posts.

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