Friday, December 17, 2010

Social media

I have been living now a bit more than three years watching very little television. In Finland I do not have a television and in Spain I had a television but I barely watched. it. I am not reading printed news paper or magazines regularly but I read something printed still few times in a week. I listen radio only in the gym and in a car which I do not even own. To conclude it seems that these traditional marketing channels do not reach me.

Now the importance of marketing in social has been highlighted and it makes sense to me. When I think that how I got an idea to ask certain book for Christmas present (by the way I have not asked any other Christmas presents) and how I got an idea that it would nice to have an electronic book reader. I got these both ideas from blogs which I am following regularly. I am using Internet a lot and getting information about new stuff from these social media webpages. Feels like that I am completely ignoring marketing from these traditional channels. Maybe I have not ignored it completely but at least social media effects me already much more.

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