Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Petersburg

The State Hermitage Museum

Catherine's Palace

I have now returned from Russia. It was great trip even the weather was rainy in the first days. We saw The State Hermitage museum which is so big that it takes seven years to walk it through if you want have a look of each piece of art there. We visited Catherine's palace which was very decorative. We saw also orthodox churches and other architecture in the city center. We explored the city by taking a limousine and boat ride in the canals of the city.

In St. Petersburg we used taxi, subway and our bus for transportation. It was very easy to take a taxi, you just had to stand one minute on the side of a road and unofficial taxi gave you a ride in the center for five euros. To use subway you had to go very deep under the ground. It took several minutes to take escalators down.

Very few people in Russia spoke English. For example the receptionist in our hotel did not speak English.

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