Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Football tournament

Student union organized the traditional sports afternoon in Joensuu. We participated to the competitive football tournament which was played on a small field with five players and a goalkeeper. We had three group stage matches and won just one therefore we did not qualify. Our team was formed of Erasmus students and they could see that Finnish teams can beat them. Also other activities were organized like relaxed football tournament, trip to Koli, dancing and so on.


  1. Maybe you are happy to know that in Spain there are new erasmus' teams, and finally, this year I'm gonna play in one of them, with a lot of italians and one brasilian guy =D . I hope that Jodan or other friend of mine will join in that international team, too. Sweeeeet!

    By the way, it is strange that you play a six-players football, is it some kind of futsal?? or you play on a grass field??

    Ahhh!! Víctor is gonna flight to Munich tomorrow! He will make an erasmus year there.
    I think there's no more news right now hehe.
    Hasta pronto! ^^

  2. Football seven is not known in Finland. We played on sand field which is almost same size as football seven field.

    Good luck for the football competition