Monday, January 11, 2016

Spain is a paradise for Finnish people

Beach of Valencia
I read an article of Finnish Riina making her dreams coming true by moving to Fuengirola in Spain.She works as a personal trainer and as a customer service clerk in a telephone number service company. There is a big Finnish community living in Fuengirola. It is estimated there are around twenty thousand Finnish people.

The article got popular and received in one day 168 comments and top comments received hundreds of likes. The most of the comments are very positive even though there is also some envy and jealousy in them. Overall people are wishing that they could do the same, wishing Riina good luck and hoping to be themselves enjoying warm weather of Spain. Finland is seen as a miserable place and Spain as a paradise. Spain is one of the top holiday destinations for Finnish people and therefore many Finnish have actually have had a chance to experience Spain for short period of time. Many seem to be dreaming about moving abroad but they do not see it being possible or lack courage to do it.

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