Saturday, January 17, 2015

Salary differences between Poland and Finland

I have few Finnish friends and foreign friends working in a service desk job in Poland. From them I found out that you get paid very well in Polish standards. Before I have also written about the job opportunities for Finnish speakers in Poland. I decided to study the topic little more and compare the salary of service desk worker to the salary of a doctor in Poland. Click "read more" and find out the exact salaries.

I have discovered how well you get paid in Poland with language skills of a rare language. Average gross salary in Poland is 3977 PLN (922 EUR). and average gross salary in Finland is 3315 EUR. For example now (16.1.2015) there is a service desk job offer in which offers 6300 - 8000 PLN (1461 - 1855 EUR) monthly salary in Poland which is way above the average salary. According to collective labor agreement salary in service desk job is 1680 EUR in Finland which is way below the average salary. With my salary in Poland about 30 % goes to the taxes. In Finland with the same salary about 10 % of my income would go to taxes.

Then another interesting remark is that by knowing rare language you can get paid better in help desk job than doctors in Poland. Basically by knowing Finnish and having basic education you earn better than a doctor who has studied many years in a university. In Finland general doctor practitioner gets at least 6275 EUR according to the syndicate of doctors. Specialized doctors in Poland get 7675 PLN (1780 EUR) per month which means that with service desk job you can earn about the same as specialized doctor. My friend who have just finished his medicine studies in Poland said that in the first years when doctor is still studying for the specialization he gets less than 3000 PLN (696 EUR). It means that If you are a doctor without specialization you earn much less than a service desk worker in Poland .This seems just absurd as in Finland service desk worker earns many times less than a doctor and is not never having worse income than a service desk worker.

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