Monday, April 21, 2014

5 Reasons why I do not like traveling

Camden London

I think that I have traveled a decent amount so far. As I have lived in 5 different countries you could assume that I love to travel but here I have listed 5 things why I do not like traveling so much.

1. You cannot practice sport. I like to play floorball, football, volleyball or something else but during travelling practicing sports is more challenging.
2. You have to be catching public transportation. When I decide to travel somewhere I am most worried if I arrive on time to airport, train station or bus station. Once I have caught the transportation I can relax.
3. A lot of walking. Travelling involves usually a lot of walking around from one spot to another and I am not a big fan of walking. I rather go by bicycle.
4.You just see a little scratch of the local life. When you just travel and not actually live in the place you cannot get to know the place and people very well. By staying at least few months you get to know the place, people and the culture much better.
5. Tourist spots. Traveling involves often visiting many sight seeing spots and museums. I am not very interested in museums or waiting a long time in a line to see some little object.

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