Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to greet in Poland

Before I have written how people greet in Spain and in Turkey. Polish have also their own rules for greeting. When you meet for the first time with same sex or opposite sex you shake hands like in Finland. After establishing some kind of friendship with the opposite sex you give one kiss. Polish men like to shake hands and women give kiss to their female friends. When man and woman have a close relationship they might exchange two or three kisses.


  1. I just found your blog on (I'm also nominee) and I can't stop read! You have very interesing observations about Poland, my origin country.

    But I need to say one thing- in Poland, when we change kisses as a greeting, there is always one or three kisses, never two! :)

    1. Noticed your comment quite late. Thanks for the remark.

  2. three kisses don't depend on close relationship or not. Three kisses were common some time ago, for our parents/ grandparents. Now young people don't do this and stay with faster way- one kiss :)