Friday, June 14, 2013

Beer with syrup

Polish beer
Spain is not the only country where beer is mixed with something. In Poland mostly women like to mix their beer with strawberry syrup or with some other flavor. This syrup has a strong taste as you need add just little bit. Syrup gives different color and taste to the beer. I also tried beer with syrup and it makes beer taste more sweet. It is also common to drink beer with a straw. Not only the girls use the straw, you can also see men drinking beer with a straw.


  1. In case you find it interesting, here in germany there is also a lot of mixes with beer, such as beer+cola (called "diesel") or wheat beer+banana juice. There are more types but they are really disgusting haha...

  2. Unfortunately I didn't try during my short visit, maybe next time

  3. Thi syroup is almost always raspberry syrup :) the another one, the second most popular flavor in Poland is ginger, which gives more brown color.