Monday, June 4, 2012


Picture of Atatürk on a building
People visiting Atatürks mausoleum
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is considered the most important person of Turkish history. He led the national movement which gained the independence of Turkey. The hero status of Atatürk can be seen in many ways: in almost all the cities there is a street named after Atatürk, Important constructions are named after Atatürk like Airports, stadiums etc., the most popular tattoo in Turkey is a signature of Atatürk, most of the homes have a picture of Atatürk on the wall and All the Turkish lira notes has a picture of Atatürk. Of course there is also a day owned to Atatürk. Finland or Spain do not have a person who has same hero status in their home country like Atatürk has in Turkey.

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  1. Interesting... I had never heard of him. And yes, I do not think we have a person like him in Spain. Well, maybe Raúl, the football player... haha.