Wednesday, December 7, 2011


No smoking
In Turkey you can see smoking is forbidden signs in the most of the places. Generally people do not smoke inside but this rule is not followed as carefully as in Finland. You can see some single persons smoking inside even generally nobody smokes inside. There are few ways how smoking rule is twisted. As in Finland you cannot smoke there were you provide service in Turkey you can still smoke in the terrace where you can get service from waitresses. In the winter time these terraces would be cold but in Turkey they set up a tent on the terrace and heaters so the terrace is warm. Even the smoking would be forbidden inside after nine or ten o'clock in the evening waitresses bring ashtrays to the table because after these hours officials are not controlling smoking inside. Smoking is very popular and it seems to me that most of the people are smokers. At least in Turkey smoking is much more popular than in Finland.

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