Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper work for internship

Participating to the exchange programs means always some paperwork. Here I will explain what kind of paper work I have been doing so far before going to Madrid.

The internship offer in Madrid I found from the folder of internship offers in my university. First I sent my Curriculum Vitae with cover letter by email to the company. After for a while they emailed me back and said that I am welcome to do a internship in this company. Then I had to prove to my university that I have a placement in Madrid by showing document with signatures. Later my university granted me a scholarship and I had to fill scholarship agreement, information document, training agreement and copy of insurance or European health card.

Not that much paper work but waiting for the replies and documents to be accepted takes time. I sent my curriculum in December and the paperwork will be finished tomorrow which means that it took five months. In the next post I will explain about the paper work what have to be done to go to Turkey for exchange.

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