Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Spanish people touch each other much more than the Finnish people. When meeting it is common to touch shoulder or arm gently. While having a conversation with someone touching is also involved and other might even suddenly grab your arm firmly while explaining something exciting. Sometimes people just become more touchy even without any particular reason. In Finland it would be gayish if some other male would brush your hair like sometimes Spanish people do.


  1. Hello!!!

    Just read yoru blog, is amazing the differences that exist between spansih and finnish people.
    I was in Erasmus in Turku 3 years ago. It was wonderful, and exotic for me. I love the finnish values, but the thing that made more difficult for me over there was the contact, and being so difficult to know what the finnish person was feeling!
    But I had never compalined about, becasue in the other hand they are great, trustful, polite, and enjoy nature!

    I was in Turku, I guess each region is diffierent!

    greetings from bcn!


  2. Nice to get a comment from you. It is true that Finnish do not show their feelings that openly.

  3. =)) that's right. I agree sometimes touching is too much. And nowaydas I much rather greet people by shaking hands than kissing. it's more confy. Specially when there's like 10 people in a row!