Sunday, November 21, 2010

The police stops a house party

Exchange students arrange parties in their flats and often the police comes to stop the party because neighbors are disturbed by the noise. The university is trying to deal with the problem by threatening that they will report about the party to the home universities of the exchange students. The housing company sends warning letters for tenants that they can be evicted. Two years ago exchange student party got in Finnish police TV. The police is saying that they can see disco lights and hear loud music. In reality there was not even disco lights neither music. A lot people just make a lot of noise by speaking. The video is below.


  1. mmmm new videos, nice. I think you showed it to me on christmas night, we you came to my place. (I think its the same one). Well Juho, take care about your flat's partys.'ve never liked to make partys in your home =P . Ey, see you!

  2. Yea, it is the same which I showed to you...